The appearance of your outdoors is critical and the better it is, the more pride you take in your home. Enhancing the appearance of your outdoors can be an affordable yet fun experience where you get to come up with different designs for your outdoor furniture and décor. Luckily for you, we have tons of websites which offer information on various ways you can turn the outdoors into a paradise. Whether you are coming up with DIY ideas for an event or re-doing the entire surrounding, you will have adequate drawings and instructions to get you there. Save time and money by delving into the numerous resources that these websites have in store for you. By the end of your research, not only will you be more educated, but you will also have more confidence in the task that lies ahead.


Quite known for their incredible DIY projects, you can find fantastic ideas which you can incorporate into your outdoor settings. You can take classes on projects where you can learn to interpret drawings and follow instructions in a way that helps you bring your ideas to life. Get to meet other DIY followers by engaging in the forums where you can see similar projects. You can post questions about your ideas and see what other people think. The more brains engaged, the better your work will be. You also get to have access to teachers who can guide you through your project and once you get done, write an instructable to help another person achieve similar success.

DIY Network

Featuring thousands of how-to articles, you will find great ideas on how to enhance the beauty of your outdoors. People also include videos in their instructions which are great as it helps you see the actual work that goes into the creation of an item. They also release newsletters which you can subscribe to get more information on your subject of interest. People are creative, and the DIY projects that you come across will blow your mind away. You will probably find that you have most of the items that you need and you will require purchasing just a handful of materials, thus saving you a lot of money. This site also features a lot of other DIY projects which you can take a look at once you get done with your outdoors.

5 Min

This DIY site features hundreds of outdoor DIY projects which you can undertake to make your garden and backyard look attractive. From hand-made vases to wooden table stands, you can make almost anything yourself and put it in your outdoors. You can also create your lighting systems for use at night by going through the projects on this site. As the name suggests, they try to find the plans which can get completed within a short time. In this way, not only do you save money but also on time.

Painting the deck

DIY Life

For all your DIY needs, this is the right place to be. They feature how to make anything on your own without having to rely on items bought from the store. From modern to vintage furniture, they have them all. Scroll through numerous galleries of before and after pictures as you decide on what you want for your backyard. You will be amazed at how many DIY projects you can undertake at meager costs and surprising results. Build your furniture, decorate your backyard and make all the necessary fittings at a budget-friendly rate and have fun doing it. Reading people’s stories on this site will encourage you to keep going, and your technical skills will get enhanced.


This site pretty much teaches you how to do anything. They show you how to have the appropriate social decorum while teaching you how to fix your gadgets when they break down. It has experts who are dying to share their knowledge, and you’ll be sure to find people, who are great at DIY outdoor projects, who can lend you a helping hand.


Gizmodo is another lifesaver when it comes to excellent projects which can get completed fast and at a low price. They have all sorts of projects made of different materials and different styles. There are numerous drawings which you can get your ideas from and tweak them to fit your needs. Whatever your heart desires regarding outdoor projects, they have your back.


They have various projects from which you can choose, depending on which ones meet your style. Browse through multiple success stories and get inspired as you decide on a drawing which you feel you can handle. Get all your outdoor needs at one place as you get to figure out how to deal with your lawn, how to make great furniture, what kind of decorations you can use as well as other details which go a long way in helping you have an amazing outdoors.