At Ready Made Projects, we make it easier for you to find ways to Do It Yourself. In the recent years, we have witnessed a move from store-bought items and people are more open to making things themselves. Just last month, my friend bought everything she needed to crotchet a carpet, and I have to say that it looks fantastic and feels just as good. The intensity with which people are embracing DIY projects is just excellent, and I had to dip my toe into this pool of infinite creativity. Hence, the birth of Ready Made Projects came to be. With our site, you can finally get adequate resources to help you make various home improvement items. Do not rely on store-bought products for all your needs. Instead, now and then, Do It Yourself!


What do we do?

There are tons of websites on the Internet which show you how to make things ranging from furniture all the way to lettering your car wheels or even decorating some of the top rated casinos worldwide. Whatever you need, it is somewhere on the Internet awaiting you to get to it.

Information collection

We first look at what people want to DIY most, and we put it on the priority list. We then look into different websites and find data on a given DIY project. There are numerous ways to do things nowadays, and you get to have various options availed to you. All you have to do is choose the one whose materials you can get quickly. We then post the DIY project on our site and give you references on where you can get more information. If you need ways to make a coffee table, we will offer you various designs; detailing the materials, you need as well as the time it will take for you to finish such a project. Our projects come with pictures of people who successfully made such items. It should be a lot of fun scrolling through tons of galleries till you get what you want.


People are not looking for DIY just for products, but they also want to know how to carry out some services to save money – for example gardening. Want to color your hair without going to a salon? Well, we have the resources for you to go through and see the various ways in which you can go about it. We detail everything in steps so you can rest assured that the final result will be as beautiful as hiring a professional to do the work. From making gifts to home improvements and decoration all the way to works of Art, we have got you covered, and we will guide you through each step of the way.

Things people DIY most

When you log on to an online store, you will find many DIY products that people sell which include but are not limited to T-shirts, soap dishes, gift boxes, jewelry, sweets, candles, and art. These pieces are beautiful because they are made by various creative minds out to express their personalities.

Carpenter working

Why do people love DIY?

The DIY trend has taken over the society at a fantastic rate, and one just goes to wonder what all the fuss is. If you have not tried out such a project before, you may be apprehensive about how great it works as well as if it’s worth the effort. Want a reason to get started on such a project? Take a look at the fantastic benefits you stand to gain.

  • Satisfaction – Once you have spent hours or days on a project and you finally see your dream come to life, the pleasure that you get is worth your efforts. In fact, it is overwhelming to the point that you just want to show everyone what you managed to do. You also get to save money in the process. DIY projects enable you to put a piece of yourself in the project by getting to decide on the design such that each time you take a glance at your work, you will get filled with pride.
  • Brainpower – You get to awaken your brain cells as you go through reading materials on how to DIY. As you put your ideas to work, you enhance your problem-solving skills which will come in handy at some point in the future. Your skills also improve, and you will find that you get better with each project thanks to the boost in your brain power.
  • Self-discovery – As you undertake a project, you can discover that you are passionate about something. Some people take up DIY projects which help them find out new hobbies which can turn into money-making opportunities in the future. You also get to learn more about your personality and your values. An added benefit is that you learn that good things come to those who wait. A lot of patience gets required in such undertakings.
  • Best self – Keeping your body and your mind active enable you to be healthier and happier, and you get to lead a more productive life. You get to increase your heart rate and feel empowered each time you are working on a project.
  • Relationships – You can come across people who share the same interest as you and together you can work on various projects, building strong bonds in the process. DIY projects are a great way to socialize whether you are cooking or making furniture.
  • Confidence – Once you know that you can achieve something on your own, you will feel better about yourself. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder people are rushing to get a DIY project to keep them busy.

Built treehouse in the garden

My Experience

I started out small by making my furniture years ago in my backyard. At first, it was just a way to keep busy until my friends started asking me to make them some pieces for their homes. The interest people had in my work was so great that I kept getting orders on a weekly basis. Intrigued by this, I decided to try my hand at selling my tables, stools and chairs and the response I got was overwhelming. I opened up shop and started making the items from there, borrowing ideas from various DIY websites on the Internet like Make: and  Lifehacker. In a few months, I was so good at my work that a person could come to me with a design and I could bring it into life. At present, my clientele is all over the globe, and I export some of my products to people outside the country. DIY turned out to be more than just a hobby to me, and it sustains my livelihood to date. As such, I wish to help other people achieve this kind of success by showing them how they can make their things.